Frequently Asked Questions2024-03-06T08:59:22-07:00

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Real Obvious and Red Rake.

Visit any Real Obvious Product page for FAQs about that product.

Frequently Asked Questions
I am a software developer, can I contribute to Real Obvious?2024-03-06T08:27:18-07:00

Yes. To ensure quality, all submissions are reviewed by Red Rake.

Visit the Red Rake – Contact Us web page for details on how to contact Red Rake and submit your changes.

Who uses Real Obvious Products?2024-03-06T10:22:06-07:00

Real Obvious products were first introduced in 2001. Real Obvious products are in use by…

  • Commercial / Technology Companies
  • Government / Federal / DoD Agencies
  • Non-Profit Organizations
Who is Red Rake?2024-03-06T08:20:09-07:00

Real Obvious Solutions are developed, delivered, and supported by Red Rake.

Red Rake provides consulting services, intellectual property, and investments to businesses.

Red Rake helps businesses succeed by leveraging technology in time-proven and innovative ways. Working together with clients, Red Rake helps them Dream, Design, and Deploy compelling new business opportunities.

What is the relationship between Real Obvious and Red Rake?2024-03-06T09:16:14-07:00

Real Obvious is a marketing brand name used by Red Rake (a company) to develop, deliver, and support a collection of software products and solutions.

  • Red Rake = Company
  • Real Obvious = Products
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